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***New for 2018***
We will be accepting a small number of boats at each event to round out the field.  You must contact us in advance to be able to fish with us.  Any new teams that fish more than half our events with us, or teams that win an event, will be invited to our big money classic at the end of the year.  Contact Mike or Toby for info.

First event of the year is Sunday April 29, at Webster Lake.  It will be from 7x3.  We will be launching out of the small public lot on Lakeside Ave, NOT the big Memorial Beach one.  Id get there early as the lot is tiny and fills up fast.  We will be doing an open style format this year.  Cost for the event is $60 entry($50 to the pot, $10 to the club) with an optional $10 large mouth lunker, and a $10 small mouth lunker.  Anyone wishing to fish with us must contact Toby or Mike in advance.  Anyone who just shows up at the ramp will be denied.
124 Lakeside Ave in the GP will get you there

Sorry for the long delay without any updates for the site.  For the first time ever, we will be opening the 2018 season up to opens.  A certain amount of teams will allowed to fish with us at each event.  More details will follow shortly, but for now here is the 2018 schedule.  This is only proposed at the moment.  The Mass dates are fine, but as always NH is a huge p.i.t.a., and we were told it will only get more difficult going forward.  The last season tourney is still up in the air, so if you have a suggestion, send it in.  More details on the upcoming season to come soon!!!
Sunday April 29, 7-3 Webster Lake
Sunday May 20 6-2 Mashpee-Wakebe
Sat June 9 6-2 Nashua River Groton
Sat June 23 6-2 Concord River
Sat July 14 7-3 Highland Lake, Stoddard NH
Sunday Aug 12 7-3 Merrimack River Hooksett NH
Sat Sept 15 7-3 Pawtuckaway Lake
Sept 22 or 23 ????(suggestions)
Sat Oct 13 Big Money Classic
Bow Lake 7-3

The End of Year Event was a great success.  Team Wentworth continued their small mouth dominance, and Mike Burke won lunker of the year.  The meal at Norms was good, the Pats won, and Dave wasnt chased off by any of the Norms night crew.  If anyone is interested in joining, we are a team tournament club.  We fish for standings all season, have an end of the year banquet, and give out awards.  We try to cap it at ten teams, and are looking for a couple more for the 2018 season.  For details text Mike at 774 239 3752

The end of year will be Sunday Oct 15.  Same details as below, only we will fish from 7-1 so we can go inside and watch the Pats game after.  Any questions, call me

The end of the year event will be Sat Oct 14, from 7-2 with banquet to follow.We will be fishing the Merrimack River in Methuen.  We will launch from Norms White Horse, 50 Lowell St,  Methuen MA. There is a ramp and parking out back.  Its $50 a boat, plus $10 for lunker.  Food and awards to follow in Norms.  Any questions, just call me.

Well kids, thats all.  Another season in the books.  Thank you everyone for another great season in our club.  For the first time ever the final event had 3 teams with less than a pound a half separating them. Team Wentworth ran away with it, while Team Coates slept in, an Team Morrilly measured fish with their eyes closed.  Mike and Matt proved they could be a threat if they could fish a full season, and Dave and Joe finally broke the ice.  End of year will be either the 30th or Oct 7.  Ill be in touch.  Thanks again, and I hope to see you all next year.  Also, sorry about having some of the recent pics posted sideways or upside down. Im having computer issues that Im nowhere near qualified to handle

Theres one event to go and only 1.42lbs separate the top three teams.  This will be the closest finish in club history.  Cant wait to see how it turns out.  Congrats to Bryan adn Derek for first and smallie lunker, Mark for Large mouth lunker, and Ricky for not getting the new sneaks dirty.  Mrs Wentworth would have been proud. We will park at Bow lake free will baptist church for the event, and Mike will run a shuttle to the launch.  See you there for a 7:00a.m. start

A tough Franklin Pierce is in the books.  Everyone had a long day, but none longer than Mike who for the 44th time in 45 tourneys lost the biggest fish of his tournament career, had his jig smoked, and saw a blow up that would sink the titanic all for naught as he would stay and kick rocks in the parking lot long after the sun went down trying to wrap his head around the day.  Some day the stars will align buddy.  Congrats to Toby and Mark for the win and retaking the lead by a small margin.  Less than 3 pounds separates the top 3 teams with 2 events to go.  Should be a great finish to the year.  See everyone at Northwood Sept 10th for a 7am start

Lake Attitash Open
Friday Aug 4th, 6pm-2am.  Team tournament, $100 a boat, $20 lunker.  Email me if interested.

Webster Lake Open Tournament
Still need 2 boats for Friday night July 7 from 6p.m.-2a.m.  $100 a boat, $20 lunker.  Event will be capped at 10 boats.  If interested email me for details

Dave and Joe!!!!!!!
If you said you picked 2 guys, on their least favorite body of water, the furthest from their home, to win today, I call you a liar!  The endless drought is over, the constant 1 fish or 0.01 lbs short is done, the worlds thickest ice is broken, Dave and Joe are CT River champs!  Its just too bad this is the first year were not doing trophies.  Just kidding.  Great job to team tobacco for the win, and to Ricky for 2nd fishing solo and with half a prop. LOL.  We have a long break before the next season event with 2 night opens in between so if you know anybody that wants to fish for money, let them know.   We'll be in touch

Great job today by everyone but Toby and Mark who might as well have been fishing with left handed fly rods.  Derek and Bryan retake the top spot, and only 7lbs separates the top 4. Northfield will be a 7:00a.m. start because Bryan and Matt cant afford alarm clocks.  See you there

Great day for all limiting on Quaboag.  We all caught lots of fish, and managed to get Matt's boat in and out. We're a great club, and never leave a man behind.  Congrats to Mark and Toby for back to back wins and taking over the lead in the standings.  Cant wait for Wampanoag June 10th for a 6:00a.m. start.


Well that wraps up a long windy day, and one brutal tourney.  Congrats to Mark and Toby on first, and Bryan and Derek with second and lunker, and taking over the lead in the standings.  Mark and Toby would like to thank everyone in the club for their generosity.  After the first tourney you had us on the ground, with your feet on our throats, ready to put us out for the season.  Instead of finishing us off, you eased up on the pressure, fell back, and let us back in it.  Big Thanks Everyone!!!  See you at Quaboag for a 6:00a.m. start


1st tourney down with a great win and lunker for Mike and Matt, and a really close second for Team Wentworth.  See everybody Sunday at Attitash for a 7:00a.m. start.

Greater Lowell Bass Fishers looking for 1-2 teams for the 2017 season!!!

We are currently looking to add 1, or possibly 2 teams to the 2017 roster.  We are a team tournament club. You and your partner fish together all year.  We have an 8 tourney season that counts towards the standings, with a big money, end of the year event.  The end of the year event is where we hand out awards, have food, and fish for the biggest pot of the season.  We also host 2 night tourney open events to raise money for the club.  Its $100 a boat for these events, and you are free to fish with whomever you want.  Its $300 per angler, or $600 a team for the season.  This covers all you entry fees, dues, awards, and insurance that the club carries.  The only payout you have the rest of the season is $10 a boat lunker pool, per event.  We started pre paying for the season a few years ago, and the guys seem to really like it.  This way, if its too hot or rainy for the old guys and you fish great, the payout is still good.  Otherwise, this is one of the coolest clubs youve ever seen.  We do our best not to bog down our event with excess rules, or penalties.  Just great competition. Wearing life jackets, or having a cold beer on a hot day, is up to you.  Me and my partner took over this club which is 45 years old in 2013, and have yet to have a single issue with the guys in it.  Half of our members are guys who were tired of the bs at othe clubs, the other half are new to tournament fishing.  Your fish have to be alive, and you have to be at weigh in on time.  Otherwise, show basic angler common courtesy, and you will have a great season.  Anyone interested email me at

***2017 Season Finalized***

Below is the official schedule for the 2017 season with only minor changes.  We weren't able to get Lake Shirley for May 7, so it got changed to Attitash.  Northwood and Bow switched weekends and days.  Hope this works for everyone, cant wait for April 30th!

Sunday April 30 Monponsett Lake, Halifax MA 7-3
Sunday May 7 Lake Attitash, Amesbury MA 7-3
Sat May 20 Quaboag Lake Brookfield MA 6-2
Sat June 10 Lake Wampanoag(Camp Collier) Gardner MA 6-2
Sat June 24 CT River Northfield, Northfield MA 6-2

**Friday July 7 Night Open Tourney**
Webster Lake, Webster MA 6pm-2am

**Friday August 4 Night Open Tourney**
Knopps Pond, Groton MA 6pm-2am

Sunday Aug 20 Franklin Pierce Lake Hillsborough NH 7-3
Sunday Sept 10 Northwood Lake Northwood NH 7-3
Saturday Sept 16 Bow Lake, Strafford NH 7-3

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