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Well thats it. Seasons over. It was def a rebuilding year.  Sorry for the gaps in the site updates.  Next year we will be going back to the standings format, and should have a couple new boats.  We'll keep in touch over the winter

***New for 2018***
We will be accepting a small number of boats at each event to round out the field.  You must contact us in advance to be able to fish with us.  Any new teams that fish more than half our events with us, or teams that win an event, will be invited to our big money classic at the end of the year.  Contact Mike or Toby for info.

Congrats Dave and Mike with the win and lunker at Highland.  Hopefully see everyone at the first night tourney on Boon the 27th

Congrats to Team Wentworth for the Concord River win, and Toby and Rick for tying lunker.  Great day, great bags weighed in

Back to back cold front tourneys, back to back wins for Mark and Toby.  Tough day, tough event.  Next one is Sat June 9 at the Nashua River in Groton for a 6am start

Tough cold front day on Webster, but good to see everyone out there.  Congrats to Mark and Toby for the win, Ryan and Andy for second and large mouth lunker, and Mike and Fergy for 3rd and smallmouth lunker.  See everyone May 19 at Quaboag for a 7:00a.m. start.  Sorry about  some of the pics being sideways, Im having computer issues and Im old and cant figure it out

Updated Season Schedule
Sunday April 29, 7-3 Webster Lake
Sat May 19, 6-2 Quaboag Pond
Sat June 9 6-2 Nashua River Groton
Sat June 23 6-2 Concord River
Sat July 14 7-3 Highland Lake, Stoddard NH
Sun Aug 12 7-3 Merrimack River Hooksett NH
Sat Sept 15 7-3 Pawtuckaway Lake
Sun Sept 23 7-3 CT River Bartons Cove
Sat Oct 13 Big Money Classic
Bow Lake 7-3

$$$Night Tourneys$$$
Friday July 27 5pm-1am Boon Lake Stowe MA ($100 a boat $20 lunker)
Friday August 25 5pm-1am Webster Lake ($100 a boat $20 Lunker)
Please note Mashpee was changed to Quaboag

First event of the year is Sunday April 29, at Webster Lake.  It will be from 7x3.  We will be launching out of the small public lot on Lakeside Ave, NOT the big Memorial Beach one.  Id get there early as the lot is tiny and fills up fast.  We will be doing an open style format this year.  Cost for the event is $60 entry($50 to the pot, $10 to the club) with an optional $10 large mouth lunker, and a $10 small mouth lunker.  Anyone wishing to fish with us must contact Toby or Mike in advance.  Anyone who just shows up at the ramp will be denied.
124 Lakeside Ave in the GP will get you there

Sorry for the long delay without any updates for the site.  For the first time ever, we will be opening the 2018 season up to opens.  A certain amount of teams will allowed to fish with us at each event.  More details will follow shortly, but for now here is the 2018 schedule.  This is only proposed at the moment.  The Mass dates are fine, but as always NH is a huge p.i.t.a., and we were told it will only get more difficult going forward.  The last season tourney is still up in the air, so if you have a suggestion, send it in.  More details on the upcoming season to come soon!!!
Sunday April 29, 7-3 Webster Lake
Sunday May 20 6-2 Mashpee-Wakebe
Sat June 9 6-2 Nashua River Groton
Sat June 23 6-2 Concord River
Sat July 14 7-3 Highland Lake, Stoddard NH
Sunday Aug 12 7-3 Merrimack River Hooksett NH
Sat Sept 15 7-3 Pawtuckaway Lake
Sept 22 or 23 ????(suggestions)
Sat Oct 13 Big Money Classic
Bow Lake 7-3

The End of Year Event was a great success.  Team Wentworth continued their small mouth dominance, and Mike Burke won lunker of the year.  The meal at Norms was good, the Pats won, and Dave wasnt chased off by any of the Norms night crew.  If anyone is interested in joining, we are a team tournament club.  We fish for standings all season, have an end of the year banquet, and give out awards.  We try to cap it at ten teams, and are looking for a couple more for the 2018 season.  For details text Mike at 774 239 3752

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