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Jon Doherty

It is with great sadness I report the loss of our club president, and great friend Jon Doherty.  Jon will forever be missed by those of us lucky enough to have known him.  He was always there to help, no matter how new you were.  Whether it was starting out in tourneys, or trying to figure out a website, he always said the same thing; "Dont worry about it bud, youre doing a great job."  He was known for taking partners of any skill level out on the boat with him, and being too serious at club meetings.  He was the foundation of our club, and a constant reminder of why we have this group.  He didnt let us get bogged down with silly penalties, or too many rules.  Just a group of good guys out for some competition and bragging rights.  Weigh-ins, banquets, big money tourneys, our club, and our lives will never be the same without him.  Rest in Peace bud.

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