Bass Fishing
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Tourney Rules

1- five fish  limit per team.
2-fish must be a min of 12"long  , all close fish will be measured  on the weigh in table with mouth closed .  In the event a short fish is brought to weigh in that person will get a one time "mulligan" where they will not be penalized but have to pose with the fish for our wall of shame page.  Any infraction after that will be a 1 lb penalty.
3- all fish must be alive and swimming upright in weigh in tank, any fish on its side still breathing will not count ,teams will have 15min to work on any fish that they feel needs attention . There is no penalty for a dead fish, but any team caught having more than  five fish in there live-well  will be disqualified .
4- each person is allowed  to fish with one fishing pole at a time with one lure or one hook , no multiple hooks or poles out side of the normal fishing set ups ( no Alabama rigs). No live bait including previously alive bait packaged for sale . ( disqualified ).  no trolling
5- every one is expected to respect other teams on the water , this means not coming into a cove and cutting off the path of other teams , you can follow, or start from the opposite side and head towards that team 
6- If there are canoes or kayaks around, dont swamp them.  This also applies to any club members fishing a specific area.  there are no enforceable penalties for being an asshole. Just try to respect others . 
7- In the event of a tie, winner will be decided by lunker
8- We have no penalties for being late at this time because it has never been an issue.  Please dont make it one.  If youre having boat troubles let someone know before the end of the tournament so arrangements can be made to have you towed in without anyone forfeiting their catch
Other than that, you can fish any way  you want. We are not looking to clog up our tournaments with rules to disqualify anyone. Life jackets and things like that are your choice , just be in on time at the end of the day and bring your fish up in a tournament weigh in bag. And of course all Massachusetts laws apply . All rules will be discussed before every tournament to go over any rules for that particular lake or river .

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